Sunday, July 12, 2009

07/12 | 04:57 AM

Hey, I'm alive. That's sort of a relief.

I thought another Freak Rat (I've started thinking of them as Jerrys – Get it? As in Tom and Jerry? My own private joke, cause that would make me Tom. Good old Tom, always getting the long end of that fucking stick) would crawl up the hole while I slept and (if I woke up), I'd find myself missing a sizable chunk of my side or legs.

But no. I'm whole (As far as I can see)! And maybe better yet, I had a good night's sleep. Something like, what? Ten hours? That's a first. And maaaannn... did I need it. I think my hand's were shaking from the strain before. My eyes hurt, though I'm guessing that's to be expected.

I covered up the hole yesterday. I piled the TV on top of it (not like I need it) and I suppose I'll have to go down below today, while the Freaks are asleep.

Not now. Later. I need to work up my courage. I'll feel better when day breaks.

Oh, I dreamed last night. Actually, I haven't had a single dream since I barricaded myself indoors a week ago. Whatever sleep I got was numb, short, and dreamless. I dreamt of my family. And a little brown puppy I owned a few years ago. It was nice.

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