Thursday, July 23, 2009

#0031 | 07/23 | 03:07 AM

Henry didn't seem too bothered when I told him about the Freak-dogs that had taken down the human-Freak last night.

He was still tinkering with his surveillance system and just sorta said: "Ayuh."

When I questioned him about it further, he merely pointed out that we didn't really know a whole lot about Freaky or the Freaks for that matter. Animal Freaks were something else, that although we didn't have much experience with, were probably bound to come across eventually.

The Freak-Rat Jerry back at the house came to mind.

Things with Sean and Hector haven't settled like I hoped they would. Something about the tensed situation where we all had guns pointed at another might have changed the way they look at me, I dunno. They acknowledge that I didn't do it to be a bastard, and it was thanks to that the mother is alive and kicking on a bed in the infirmary, but something in their eyes is just different.

The kid was a lot more active today. His name is Colin, and he seemed eager enough to do the small menial tasks Hector set for him. The kid and his mom (Monica) will be staying with us for awhile. At least until Monica is fully healed and awake and able to decide if they'll stay or leave. Which is fine, I guess.

I went back for the rifle I'd dropped the night before. Found it beside the car I hid behind. The carcass of the human-Freak the dogs had taken down nowhere in sight. Not even the bones.

The gun itself was ruined. Ripped in half. The barrel bent. The stock a few yards away. At least I was able to recover the full magazine. It's not much of a loss. We have a good supply of various arms back at the school courtesy of our thoughtful friends, the Bandits.

Anna explained to me earlier a little more about that night. She said, she had called with the right positions, but right before entering the office, the head Bandit forced the woman into the door first. Probably out of suspicion, things had been strange. No one had greeted his crew and the door to the office was just open.

Things we, of course, hadn't calculated that day. Unfortunately.

And of course, Anna's not here with me today. Which is weird. But not really. It's not like I'd come to become accustomed to her nightly visits, not enough time had passed for that. But still.

Perhaps she too has come to see me differently.

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