Saturday, July 25, 2009

#0036 | 07/25 | 03:11 PM

Anna tried to kill Monica an hour ago.

Or, at least, that's what Colin keeps screaming. He was the only other person there, when Anna was feeding Monica lunch.

Their stories don't match up at all, and Colin is downstairs with Henry, Hector, and Sean, in the infirmary. I don't know what to make of it. And the rest of us are unsure as to what exactly went the fuck down.

Henry and Hector are trying to calm Colin down. Sean is doing the holding back. Colin's in tears, a struggling mess. He wont leave his mother's side, he's an emotional wreck right now. But he's demanding that Anna be killed. He keeps screaming that:

"Kill that psycho! She's crazy! Fucking bitch!"

Colin claims Anna was feeding his mother, as usual (liquefied food stuffs; banana, milk, eggs, protein), when she froze up, titled the cup back, and chugged the entire contents of the cup down Monica's throat, all the while throttling her with her hands, choking her furiously.

Or at least, that's the best of his explanation we could make out in between his wails and obscene screams.

I was down there with the others, trying my best to calm Colin down, when he kicked me in my balls.

"Fuck you! Fuck that bitch! Fuck that crazy son of a bitch!"

So now I'm upstairs in my room. Colin's strange aggression toward me forcing me to stay away. Along with Anna. And of course, her explanation is completely different. And much more rational.

Anna claims she was feeding Monica, with Colin present as always, tilting the frothy liquefied drink down her throat when Monica started to seize and shake.

Anna, being caught by surprise, clung on to Monica's epileptic state and, unintentionally, ended up pushing the rest of the cup's contents down Monica's throat.

And here's where things get sketchy. Sean and Henry were the first ones on the scene. They were alerted by Colin's screams. Henry, still working on the cameras was but a room nearby. Sean happened to be in the auditorium organizing water containers.

They arrived in time to witness Monica, seizing on the bed, with a great excess of liquid frothing from her mouth and running down her front. The cup shattered at the floor. Colin was on top of Anna on the floor, beating her face with his fists, tears streaming down his closed eyes. Coarse words spitting out in incoherent spittle.

By the time Hector arrived, Sean was holding Colin back and Henry was trying to tend to Monica.

And I arrived twenty minutes later, having been alerted by Henry's call. I had been further away. Back at the old house. Though that isn't important.

We talked to Anna, in turns (one had to help contain Colin; he's out of his mind) and got what we could out of Colin.

Monica will survive. I'm not a doctor, so I'll let Henry fill me in on the details later, but I'm sure the seizure she suffered can be attributed the gun shot wounds. We don't have a freaking hospital here. Henry treated her with what we could. But her system's taken quite a shock. I'm sure it'll be a bumpy road for her to recover.

We haven't had time to talk (Henry, Hector, Sean, and me) but I've heard both sides of the story and, to be quite honest, Anna's side makes sense.

But I've seen Colin, and he really believes the shit he's spouting. It's impossible to fake that kind of state of mind, especially for a kid. But it's understandable. He's just a kid. He thought he saw something, but he's wrong.

Anna had to struggle to hold Monica while her body shook. The cup got spilled by accident. Colin's emotionally fragile. He's been through a lot. Again, understandable. He misinterpreted what he saw.

I'm sure Henry, Hector, and Sean will agree when we've had the chance to discuss it.

Anna's shaken by this of course. Her face is bruised where Colin got her (small but furious; shit) and I had to hold her for awhile to help her calm down.

But she doesn't blame Colin. She understand that the kid's just that. A kid. He isn't mature, in body or mind. And he made a mistake.


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