Monday, July 13, 2009

07/13 | 12:09 PM

Things are up in the air right now.

I talked a bit to the woman. Her name's Ruth. I think. The dude's name is Randy. After I went to warn her about the Freaks, she opened up a bit. Thanked me for helping out.

But she's unstable.

She wont put the gun down. And the way she wasn't bothered by the fact that she might soon be in close proximity to Freaks worries me. In fact, she almost looked glad. Grim. But glad.

Weirder shit's happened. I think the two are having sex right now.

And that is strange. Last time I was in there, the dude was out cold, fever raging, and starting to look inflamed. His hair was tumbling off in patches.

He's in no condition to be getting down and dirty.

But I hear the moans and the rocking squeaks. Shit. I wonder if it's possible to pass the infection through that?

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