Thursday, July 30, 2009

#0043 | 07/30 | 10:34 PM

There's something wandering around outside.

That, in itself isn't too unusual, Freaks tend to wander the school grounds after sun-set. Pawing across the buildings, scratching and pushing against the tentative barriers we've set up, although never truly aggressively. Never with a purpose in mind.

But tonight is different.

First of all, although I can't see out into the night, I'm sure there are more than one. Judging by the sounds - they're all over the place. Wandering the grounds, the open fields, and the other buildings. Far too many of them, regular Freaks can't coexist like this without coming into conflict.

Which leads me into my suspicion. I believe I know exactly what the things out there are. The faint, hoarse growling sort of gives it away anyway.

It's a pack. A pack of dog-Freaks.

And they're on the hunt.