Wednesday, July 15, 2009

#0020 | 07/15 | 11:02 PM

One of the computers (third row, second from the right) was turned on and operable. It was displaying that snazzy screen saver, the one that floats a word (in your choosing of color, front, and size) around the screen. I hit the keyboard and MS Paint came up, along with the calculator app.

A crappy (what else can be displayed on MS Paint?) rendition of a baby holding the globe (in stick form) and laughing was hastily sketched on the screen. The calculator revealed the numbers: 0010.

Any meaning behind it? Doubtful.

Hey, I found a student's paper atop the teacher's desk. Across the front, a single question was slashed in blotted ink: "why even give a fuck?".

I wonder how many many prisoners made it to freedom. I'm more than sure a few got wasted. Those are probably the luckier ones. The others were captured, and got a rush lesson in obedience.

I think someone might eventually come to this lab, someone after all this shit. Maybe someday when the world returns to a state of society.

I want to leave a message, prove I was here. So I opened up Word, and saved this message:

"Fuck you!"?

I saved it as a document titled 'Important'.

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