Wednesday, July 15, 2009

#0018 | 07/15 | 08:21 AM ~ Captured

Ugh... so I've spent a harrowing night tied up in a dark, disgusting, putrid room. And all I got was this tee-shirt! No, but seriously. I'm fucking terrified.

Light finally made its appearance through windows and dawn followed one or two hours ago and I was finally able to make out my location.

And wretch horribly for about an hour.

I'm in a classroom. I guess the bastard brought me to the elementary school after all; Astor Elementary, my alma mater. Though I seriously doubt he brought me to a "survivor's camp". At least the sight of what I found around me helped keep my mind off the fact that at any moment, a fellow might come in here and try to know me like my pappy never did.

Bodies. By the dozens. They're piled and laid on each other. And they're all over the room. How do I know they're dead and not just laid out like me? A few are missing heads. Mostly arms. A few legs. Some are bagged in red soggy sacks. Definitely dead. Huh. Well that certainly explains the rotting smell.

But doesn't explain why I'm here. Remind me never to do a favor for a girl bleeding from her vag. Nothing but trouble, I swear.

I sound slick as smooth right now, huh. Don't think too much about, I'm pretty sure I'm in shock. That'll happen when you kidnap a fellow and threaten him with ra

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