Monday, July 27, 2009

#0039 | 07/27 | 07:30 AM

They found Colin at dawn, hiding out in the southern building.

Henry found him in the first floor's girl's bathroom. The rifle I claimed he had was no where to be found. Again, discrediting my side of the story and apparently giving the others all the proof they needed to assume I was lying about his part of what happened yesterday.

Worse yet, because of the crappy inventory job we've been doing recently, it's impossible to know if a rifle is really missing from armory. Actually, if we go strictly by inventory, it looks like three are missing.

But that doesn't change the fact of what's happened. The rest of the guys are positive me and Anna can't be trusted. They've worked out locks and such for the armory, are keeping it under watch, and Henry is working the security cameras to attempt to keep us under permanent supervision.

Apparently, the motherfucker worked out how to get them to work some time in the last few days.

I've tried to talk sense to Hector and Henry, who I really do think are just under a misconception about my intentions, but they wont listen. And Sean has become openly hostile.

I really don't think he'd hesitate to shoot if I caught him off-guard.

The entire situation is fucked up, and worse, the one who really needs to be watched, Colin, is moving around freely.

And he's got a goddamned gun stashed somewhere around the school. He's a danger to Anna, I can see it whenever he sees her. He's determined to take her out. And the others wont do anything to protect her.


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