Sunday, July 26, 2009

#0037 | 07/26 | 07:48 AM

The rest of the guys are out of line. Completely.

They actually seem to think that Colin's version of events is plausible. Worse yet, they're going out of their way to validate the little idiot's imagination and day dreams.

I just about socked Henry when he told me it would probably be best if Anna didn't feed Monica anymore. Sean and Hector suggested that perhaps Anna should just stay away from the infirmary completely for a while.

Colin is still downstairs, still in the infirmary, with his mother. He's a little on edge right now, has been since yesterday, and wont leave her side.

But, shit, that doesn't excuse what's going on. The others are making way too many assumptions, and jumping to way too many conclusions.

Henry says that when he first examined Monica yesterday, after her spasms, he noted that her neck had been slightly bruised and chaffed. These are signs, he claims, that lend direct proportional evidence to Colin's claims of Anna's actions yesterday.

What the fuck ever.

I tried to reason with him. The bitch started to spasm. Anna was surprised. She tried to hang on to Monica's body. To restrain her movements. That explains any such signs that Henry might have seen.

Might have, being correct here. Since yesterday, the marks have disappeared. And I'm left wondering if they were ever even there. Or if they we're just Henry's wishful thinking.

And then Sean and Hector have the fucking nerve to try and tell me I'm the one who ain't thinking straight. That I need to calm the fuck down. What the fuck?

Oh, and then Sean pulled this baby on me:

"Hey. We know you two have been... doing that at night. Fucking like horny squirrels. You're not thinking rationally, kid. you're biased towards her. She's in your head, you idiot."

Hector nodded plainly at that, and Henry's eyes sort of bunch together. He asked if that's true. But he doesn't ask me or Anna who are right in front of him, he asked Sean, to his fucking right.

And poor Anna. She's just sitting there, on a desk, with her head in her arms. Having to hear her name be dragged through the mud by these fucking sick bastards. Shit, I applaud her willingness to leave and let be, but I had to clear the air.

I explained, with less than charming words, that they were way off base. That me and Anna had not even once engaged in anything remotely sexual. That our relationship wasn't what they believed at all.

I explained that we were only friends. Close friends, albeit, but just that. We talked after night and together, we released some of the stress and frustration that built up inside of us. Emotions and feeling that could drive one insane if not released carefully. But never sexually. Only through words.

Sean and Hector didn't seem to buy it. It was written all over their stupid faces. Freaking perverts. I guess they must have caught sight of Anna entering my room one night a few days ago. Something she hasn't even done the last few. Shit, well not quite. She came last night, but only because of what happened yesterday. We talked about it. And she's really shaken.

Even Henry didn't seem to believe the nature of our relationship was so clandestine. But he didn't push it. He just set the limits on Anna around Monica and ended it there. Shit. Didn't even ask Anna one thing during her trial of character. Old motherfucker.

All the while Anna just took it, the victim. She's with me now. In my room, smiling behind me. I've told her my feelings, but she just smiled. And told me to let it go.

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