Thursday, July 16, 2009

#0021 | 07/16 | 10:53 AM

After a night here with these self-serving bastards, I've come to appreciate exactly how organized these fucks are.

During the night, they all head indoors, into the main office/infirmary. I haven't been inside yet, but I suspect their living quarters are in the auditorium. The actual doors into the auditorium are barricaded, but I guess they get in through the office, which also happens to connect to the infirmary.

This allows them ample access to the cafeteria, central building and two yards as needed, but more importantly, garners them the defense required in case shit goes to hell and they have to fall back. Their only weakness being the auditorium's glass ceiling, but since even a Freak would have trouble scaling the cement walls of that large building, I think they're good there.

There are about twenty Bandits, eighteen after yesterday, and seventeen after last night. What exactly happened last night? Well, if you're assuming I pulled bravado out of my ass and downed a Bandit barehanded, then you're an idiot. What I did pull out of my ass was a flat broke miracle.

At about three or four in the morning, I snuck out of the computer lab, determined to make a break for it, to get out of the school, and out of the danger zone with the Bandits.

The back gate was chained locked, the only assured exits being the open gate of the northern yard and the front entrance of the school. Either option being horribly undesirable. The yard would take me out to the main street, and being out at night was bad enough, having to cross large empty spaces without cover was suicide. The front gate would lead me to plenty of deserted homes, plenty of locations to hide for the night. But I found the distance to be far too much of a hindrance. It meant at dawn, I'd have to backtrack around the school, giving the Bandits a chance to see me. Plus I'd have to walk double the distance unless I could just get over the damn fence.

So I did. Or tried. Almost made it too, but my foot missed a step, my weight shifted, fell a little, metal burned my hand, and I plummeted back to the ground. Was getting up when I heard the click behind me and a voice told me to freeze.

Just like a cop, hah.

A Bandit had found me, son of a bitch. He pointed his nice big gun at my face, smiled, and pulled out a cellphone.

Then we heard the snarl.

I was facing him then (always good to give the man with the gun what he wants after all) and my head tipped back from surprise. Above me, hunched over expertly on the fence, a large burly Freak was crouched, a familiar purr running down its throat, into its chest. The kind of sounds cats make.

My gaze dropped and I saw the Bandit's mouth was popped in a small O of surprise, he didn't even raise his gun to fire. Poor guy.

In moments, the Freak jumped and landed a flying tackle on the Bandit, sending him to the floor. A few sporadic bursts of gunfire, but it was too late. The Freak ripped out his throat and started feasting on his face, tearing his nose and jaw and almost slurping down his eyeballs.

I edged away from the gruesome scene, stepping away from the Freak. I stepped on a twig, caused a crack, and the Freak turned to me, barred a bloody mouth full of rows of dulled teeth on a maw far too wide and long, and screamed.

I turned on the spot, and started walking away. I remember thinking distinctly then, I wonder how many steps I'll get before it rips out my spine? Three? Four?

But it didn't. It didn't pursue at all. Instead, the slurping, crunching, and ripping resumed. And I managed to walk back to the computer lab, lock the door and get back to my corner. And cry.

I think now that the Freak must have been starved. The bandit being its first real meal in days, it probably didn't pursue me because I didn't pose a threat to its meal.

The screams and cries pursued into the night. I don't know if it was the same Freak, or maybe more, but the Bandits seemed to have company that night. Once, at five or so, I heard a sporadic burst of gunfire and a course scream of expletives.

Dawn came and things quieted down.

They got the same setup going today. A bunch of captured survivors are being held in the north yard, while guards watch em with loaded gun in hand. More guards today though. Five. Guess they don't want a repeat of yesterday.

Less prisoners. If there were about a dozen yesterday, there's about half that today. Guess a lot got free. Or got a bullet in the back.

I went back to the Bandit's body right before dawn. Disgusting pile of rotting muscle and guts he is now. I took his cell and his weapon. Wont be much use to him now.

They keep the prisoners in the central building classrooms, and the computer lab being in the central building, I had to clear out. I wasn't sure if they'd come in eventually.

I can't risk going over the fence in broad daylight either. They have guards on the central building roof. lookouts with binoculars. Snipers with out snipers. They use assault weapons. I've counted three.

I'm hiding out in the southern building's boy's bathroom. It's the smallest building with only one floor, but I've gotten a good view of the central building and auditorium. It's how I was able to figure out the rough number of bandits and hostages.

I don't know why I kept the cell, but by looking up the recently called numbers, I figure this is how the Bandits communicated. Which means I have a way to speak to them. I also know the layout of their defense and structure. And an automatic rifle. let's not forget that. I just need to figure out a way to get all these things to work for me. To get things in my favor...

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