Sunday, July 19, 2009

#0025 | 07/19 | 11:05 PM

We had a little warming-up session today at dinner. A little dialogue so that we could get to know each other just a bit better.

Henry opened up first, he's the one who seems the most stuck on stuff like this. Getting to know each other, he says, is paramount to our survival. What the fuck ever. I really doubt we'll be alive much longer anyways...

He says his name is Henry Kiper Lucas II, of English decent. A retired and widowed doctor, he was living alone when the End happened. Later on, the Bandits captured him in his home near the school. Apparently they were looting homes and found him by chance.

Next came Hector and Sean. They introduced themselves as Hector and Sean Oliverra. Although, Hector explained, they weren't legally married but - "What the hell? We can be whatever we want now. And I say we're married!"

Sean seemed to agree with a curt nod.

They explained they were photographers by trade, and that they'd met at some convention or another.

The Bandits had apprehended them randomly, as they ventured together across the city, perhaps near the school, perhaps not. They had, at their discretion, hidden the exact nature of their relationship away from the barbaric and cruel Bandits, whom they didn't think would be the most understanding and compassionate of folks.


And, Hector added, not to mind Sean's attitude - if we would. With a hearty wink, he promised that Sean really had a heart of gold. Sean didn't say anything at this.

And then it was my turn and I didn't really have much to say. I introduced myself as Alex, and added that it wasn't my real name. When they raised their eyebrows, I explained that my past didn't matter. Alex was my identity now. In August, I was supposed to attend my first year high school. Supposed to being the imperative word.

Then everything got quiet around the table as we munched on our cans of cool beans. Then Anna spoke up.

She introduced herself as Anna, but didn't reveal her last name. Like me, she said that her past was history now. However, she did say that she would have been starting her freshman year of college this fall. She smiled at that and turned to me :"Both freshmen, you and I."

I was mildly disturbed by that.

She also added that she would have been aiming for a nursing program eventually. Henry nodded appreciatively at that.

And that was it. It didn't feel like we knew each other any better. Just knew more. More questions. Many going answerless. And the few that weren't would only lead to more.

I put down my can and retreated to my room for the night.

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