Monday, July 13, 2009

07/13 | 04:07 AM

I'm seriously regretting helping those two.

Aside from taking some of my (limited!) food, the guy is as good as a Freak now. And the woman wont be able to kill him before it's too late. She's crying over his body in the other room, and I just suggested we kill him now before he changes completely. It'll take less ammo that way.

The bitch almost shot me there. So I backed the hell outta there and I'm holed up in my room now.

I've covered the hole into the basement with the bed. The room looks awkward, but I really want to keep the basement secret. I don't even know why.

Dawn is coming soon. I'm going to go warn the bitch that Freaks might be arriving soon to sleep for the day, so she should at least barricade the guestroom doors.

But she's fucked. She's going to lock herself up with that soon-to-be-Freak.


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