Saturday, August 8, 2009

08/08 | 10:27 PM | ASLEEP7

"Quick! Administer the new compound! We're losing him!"

Huh? Oh shit... am I finally dying?

"Don't fucking point that thing at me, we can't afford to let him die. Pump it straight into his fucking brain if you have to, just don't let his heart stop beating!"

No, no. Please. Just let me die. God, I can't even see anymore. Everything's just a white blur...

White... isn't that made up of all the colors? Shit, I should have paid more attention in art class...

But that's wrong then. A white blur doesn't fit this situation at all. There is no innocence in my death. No beauty for the eyes to conceive. There is no reality to my past.

Everything was a fucking lie. I shouldn't be able to see white. Nothing in my life is as central and true as the color white.

The color of this long ordained moment should be black. Pitch black, and impenetrable. A nothingness in which I can lose my lies into.

"One, two, three. Breathe dammit!"

Hah... am I a romantic or what?

"Dammit, Anna! Don't just sit around, give him another shot. No, two! This is crucial, we need to-"

Anna? She's here? Hah, I thought she went home earlier. Maybe the shift changes during the weekend?



I really dislike you Anna. I dislike your hair. Your frail smile. And the way you always seem to become stronger than me. I dislike your confidence and way you trust me so easily. I dislike the way you look at me. I dislike your secrets and your lies.

I really fucking hate you Anna, hate you for never even existing. Dammit Anna...

So why can't I stop thinking about you?

" octor! The d sage will never work. The mu ation your trying to trigger. t's idiotic! How will the mu agen adapt? The host will just reject the thing!" "Wit his im ne syste in that sh pe? H h."

" do 't c re wh he becomes, as ood s d a any ju t d it!"

Their w rds... Their sca tering...

F mil ar... Ch ist... t fam l ar.. A I re ly dy g? O ju . .


"He o fa go e. J t br g im adju e et g r ed."

"Alex? Alex? Can you hear me? Are you still useless?"



  1. YAY, he's waking up from that half dead state?! :D
    He's being healed in the other dimension or w/e?! :D

  2. Why are the times out of order?

  3. Alex is an experiment....

  4. >>Why are the times out of order?


  5. WTF BOOM ?

    im so wtfffuck, please, dont tell me that all of this is a dream, and if he dies im going to scream CHARIZARRD!

  6. been 5 days sinc eupdate -.-

  7. I wish you would update. I have really enjoyed the story thus far and I miss it. :(

  8. It's been a week...doesn't look like we're getting an update any time soon.

  9. Guess i'm givnig up on this... was a good story when it was updated